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KidzGeek is all about better parenting and child welfare. We aim to provide tips, tricks, and guides to understand the needs of all the children better mentally, emotionally, and physically.

We, here at KidzGeek, prioritize every child’s welfare so we can be a medium or tool to help raise your kids to the best that they can be. You can rely on us that we only want the best and the greatest when it comes to taking care of your child.

Kids are the gift of God, and they are the promise of the future. So we intend to provide the most current and the most updated child care and products to make sure that they get everything any parents can give.

This website also aims to give tips on baby products and reviews to help parents decide on what to buy that will also benefit their babies in the long run. We try hard to give the friendliest approach with an unbiased point of view and commentary on those products that we feature in this site.

And yes, we have tried every product posted here ourselves so that we can tell you exactly what the experience was like. This way, we can tell you first-hand if the item or service for you and your child is good or not. Count on it.

We understand the hardships of being a parent. We also know the happiness it brings in each milestone that they achieve. We always want to be there for every step they take or for every word they say. Our need to witness the first “mama,” “dada,” “mommy,” or “papa” will always drive us to give the world to them if we could. The true love of a parent will always be unparalleled and unquestionable.

Now, if you are that kind of a parent, then the KidzGeek is your partner from this day forward. Rest assured that we will only give you what is necessary and what could be useful for your family.

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Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson is a four-year degree graduate in child psychology, a certified pre-school teacher, and a mother of three beautiful children. She is currently running a small private school for kids and conducting seminars for young parents who want to learn proper parenting based on the real-life experiences of real people.

Mrs. Dickinson believes that there is no actual degree for parenting except for hands-on and dedication towards being the best parent a person can be. Love and patience is the key, accompanied by compassion and sincere need to understand the innocence of a child. She also believes that while she holds some degree of education, she prefers being called a mother.

Emily Dickinson also offers parental counseling both online and offline. If you are interested, you may try to reach her on her email or through her social media handles.

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