How to Clean and Maintain The Baby Stroller

How to Clean and Maintain the Baby Stroller?

As a parent, the stroller is a critical toy for both you and your child. It allows you to take your child around see the world for himself. As a parent, you also do not get too tired going outside with your child. Like everything your child will touch, the stroller will get dirty pretty soon. The stroller is just like a car, and it requires regular cleaning and maintenance not just for hygienic purposes but also because you want it to last for a long time. Cleaning your pram regularly is easier than cleaning it once in a while.

Cleaning the fabric

Your baby comes into contact with your pram’s fabric regularly. The fabric will have food, drinks, saliva and other contaminants that will destroy the aesthetics of the pram. Cleaning the fabric is the easiest part of cleaning your entire pram because they are easily removable.

When cleaning the fabric, you need to make sure that you have read and understood the instructions. Some fabrics are not machine-friendly, and some need to be air dried as opposed to machine drying. Sometimes you might have to use warm water or cold water to prevent the fabric from shrinking. Going through the instructions will ensure you have found the perfect way to clean your pram’s fabric.

For the parts that have fabric that is not removable, you may want to start by vacuuming. Use a vacuum cleaner that has an adjustable nozzle to make the work easier. Vacuuming will remove all loose dirt and make cleaning easier. Disassemble all moving parts of the stroller. Using soap, water, and a light brush, wash all the parts with fabric thoroughly and rinse with clean water. Leave them in the sun to dry.


Cleaning plastic items

Strollers have plastic parts that get dirty too. To clean these parts you will need warm water and antiseptic soap. It will help keeping the pram germ free in case your young one decide to nibble on the plastic areas of the pram. Once you have washed the pram, leave it out in the sun to dry. The sun is known to be a natural antiseptic. Once the parts are completely dry, put them back together.

The frame

The frame of the stroller is usually painted. You need to clean the stroller thoroughly. I think you do not want to remove the color from your stroller’s frame. You, therefore, need to use mild soap and a soft sponge when cleaning the frame of the stroller. It will remove any dirt while maintaining the frame.

Wheels and tires

Wheels collect a good amount of dirt and germs from the road. When it is muddy, they also collect a lot of mud. To begin with, you need to check if the wheels have collected garbage and branches. Once those are removed, clean the wheels using soap and water. Scrub thoroughly to ensure you have removed all dirt that may exist. There are special sprays such as WD-40 that are very helpful in removing dirt. The sprays help to disintegrate dirt which is then easier to clean. After cleaning, wipe the wheels and leave the out in the sun for a few hours, so they dry completely.



One stroller, when well maintained can be used with multiple children. It not only saves you cost but also helps to preserve family memories.If you want to keep your stroller long durable, you need to ensure that it is always properly maintained. The main thing to do is to make sure that your stroller is stored in a dry place. In case it is rained on, or water splashed on to it, you need to ensure that the stroller is dried properly. It will help to keep rust away.

Clean the stroller immediately after use. Your baby will spill something on the stroller. If not cleaned immediately dirt and spills have a way of staining your pram and makes it looking ugly. Cleaning it immediately ensures that the stains that are still fresh are removed easily.

Lastly, you should not store your stroller for long hours under the sun. The UV rays have a way of making items fade, and of course you do not want that for your stroller.



With excellent maintenance, your stroller can look brand new for years. However, this will require determination and dedication to ensure that you clean the stroller thoroughly even after short trips. If you need your stroller to last for a long time, it is paramount that you maintain it properly.


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