Ergobaby Original Collection Baby Carrier Review

Nowadays, parents want to travel with their baby but this is not an easy deal for them. To do so, they have to go through tons of preparation and various works. All these are for the safety and comfort of the baby. And that’s what Ergobaby Original Award Winning Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier is all about.

Every parent requires two things that they can never compromise; these are the security and comfort of the baby. To go out, a baby needs a carrier that helps out parents very much. So, parents always look for the best baby carrier for their beloved child.

Yes! I am talking about Ergobaby Original Collection Baby Carrier. And this the most desired baby carrier that every parent look forward to. Now let’s get to the business and know more about its features.

Features & Benefits

Weight distributed evenly

Ergobaby Original Collection Baby Carrier is carefully designed and manufactured. Thus, the weight of the baby distributes equally between the kids’ shoulders and hips. Therefore, it contains the maximum comfort for the baby. And if your heavy kiddo makes tough to carry on for a little long time, this carrier is for you. As it distributes the weight evenly, that makes you comfortable to carry around your baby.

Safe and secured sitting

Using this baby carrier the baby gets natural feelings of sitting position. So, that feels like the baby is safe and soundly sitting in your arms.

Different carrying position for comfort

Everyone gets tired when it comes to carrying out something in the same position. Our muscles get worked out to move something in a particular place. Acknowledging this feeling, Ergobaby offers the parents three different carry positions for the baby. So, you can take your child in between your arms facing you, on infants’ back or in hips.

Extra space inside

Inside of this carrier has extra space for the baby to move a little with comfort. Therefore, it is like a little cocoon padded with soft edges. Moreover, your child can snuggle with this carrier as much as he can to relax him/herself.

Strong and sturdy baby carrier

The Ergobaby Original Award Winning Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier can carry a weight up to 7 – 45 pounds. So you can take your newborn baby for 4-6 months or more. That means your child is safe to carry for half a year. Additionally, its sturdy materials make it robust enough to use it roughly.

Comfortable fitting

When the baby is on this carrier, the neck and shoulder of the baby comfortably fit in the carrier. So it doesn’t make any effect on the baby if you carry for a long time. Therefore, that means the baby is always with you without facing any uncomforting feelings.

Comfortable for the parents to carry

For a baby carrier, kids’ comfort is not the only thing that parents require. So, while carrying the baby, parents look for their convenience to do this. Ergobaby manufactured this baby carrier for the pleasure of the child and the parents. Moreover, you will find that this carrier is very cozy while using it.

Customization option available

You can customize this carrier as much as you like. There are many different color variations that may help you to choose the best one that fits your appetite. So we think this may be a perfect choice for you.

Fashionable and attractive design

The materials of this baby carrier are organic, and the design is very eye-catching. The fashion is very bold and attractive. So you are very much ready to take it with your baby on it anytime.

Easy cleaning

The carrier is washable. You can wash this baby carrier if it needs to be. Additionally, the color of this will never fade away. There are some pockets with this carrier so that you can carry toys for your baby with this carrier.

Pads are interchangeable

As children make things contaminated quickly, you may need to change the pads inside this carrier. No worries. Ergobaby has the solution for this. The pads inside this baby carrier are interchangeable. So that, you can change the pad when needed.

If you want to see more options, you may want to see the list of best baby carriers that we gathered for your reference. Hope it will help.

  • Well-balanced carrier.
  • Soft and cozy enough for babies.
  • Fits with anyone’s choice.
  • Sturdy materials make the carrier stable.
  • Washable.
  • Fashionable designs.
  • Various color options.
  • Maybe painful for weak people to carry.


Is this an original Ergo?

My own is the original one. I messaged Ergo, and they requested a few pictures for them to let me know whether it was genuine or not. I took the photos they needed about my carrier and was informed that it was a genuine Ergo.

How to see whether Ergobaby is original?

Buy from Ergobaby.

How long does it take to ship this thing?

If you’re a Prime part, it ought to reach you in two days.

Does this have a strap over the back that joins the shoulder straps?

Yes, and it is a movable strap.

What sort of color would run best with this? I’m concerned that the white won’t look great.

I acquired this as a gift, so I am sad I won’t have the capacity to answer your question.

If the child fell asleep in this, how simple is it to get him out without waking him?

I’ve had a few infant transporters, and this is by a long shot the most effortless to put on and take off.

Can you breastfeed while wearing this carrier?

I have! You can breastfeed while your child is here.

Do your hips truly take a portion of the strain off of your shoulders?

Yes. This is a lot more agreeable than an alternate carrier.

Does this come with a manual?

Yes, it does. Fixed box with manual inside.

Has anybody experienced getting fake Ergo’s when requesting here? I’m worried.

The link provided here is an approved and original Ergobaby retailer, and I can guarantee you that anything you buy from there is without a doubt original.

What color is the clasp and straps on the Sea Skipper one?

The straps and clasps are dark.

Will this product fit a hefty size mother?

I am a huge woman, and it fits me with an additional room.

In Conclusion

Finally, the structure of Ergobaby Original Award Winning Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier is well-designed. So this carrier looks attractive in every angle. Fits with anyone’s choice.  Even if your baby weighs 25 pounds or more, it will still be ideal for your baby. Moreover, if you think about a carrier that makes you feel comfy and confident, this is the one that fits your taste.

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