GB Pockit Stroller Review

Product Name

GB Pockit Stroller



Item Weight

9.5 pounds

Product Dimensions

28 x 17.5 x 39.8 inches

Maximum weight recommendation

55 Pounds

GB pockit stroller

GB pockit stroller

We are now living in a world of shrinking gadgets. From Cellphone to a computer, everything is getting slimmer and slimmer day by day. But how do you imagine a full baby stroller not bigger than a handbag, when folded? The folded size is so small, that it can be kept easily under plane seats or in the above compartments. Weighing just over 9 lbs. GB Pockit Stroller is a blessing for ‘love to travel’ parents.

Let me tell you an astonishing fact, this stroller has won the title of Smallest Folded Stroller in the Guinness Book of World’s Records. It can carry up to 55 pounds of weight, which generally ensures that you can use it for up to the 5-year-old baby. It’s versatile, despite being so small and portable, this stroller even has a storage basket. You can unfold it quite easily, like an umbrella. It’s a beauty to see the folded tiny thing turning into a full stroller.

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In this GB Pockit Stroller Review, let me get into the features before I discuss pros and cons of this stroller.

World's smallest fold stroller

World's smallest fold stroller

Features of GB Pockit Stroller


This stroller is called the folding champion. You can switch from pushing it to carrying it within a few seconds, using the innovative 2 step folding system. The folded dimension is 12 x 7 x 14 inch, the size of a large handbag. The product is designed such a way that it can stand alone when folded.

Comfy Handle Bars

The handlebars are not adjustable. But the height of the handles from the ground is 39 cm. Which makes it enough high for the average sized women. The Handles are covered with soft foams.


The stroller weighs only 4.3 kg, which is an average weight of a 2-week old baby. That tells me, it should be a piece of cake for the moms to take it anywhere. It can be carried in a large diaper bag or handbag. So for working moms or traveling moms who like to travel light, the weight will not add any extra burden.

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Seating Arrangements

The seat is really long. As it is 63 cm from base to the top, it’s hard for even a 3 years old to reach the top. The seat is slightly bent to make the child feel secure and comfortable. The seat is fixed, not recline able. There is a head support on the top. The stroller is suitable for children above 6 months and can be used until they reach 55 lbs. of weight.

Smooth Wheels

The stroller comes with 4 rubber padded wheels, which can be locked if needed. The diameter is relatively small 4.5”. The GB Pockit Stroller is super speedy on smooth surfaces, almost weightless. But due to its small structure, it’s better to lock the front wheels when walking on the rougher surface. Other times, take the advantage of 360-degree swiveling wheels.

Storage Basket

It’s amazing, to see a storage system in this tiny stroller. The storage capacity is not so bad, it can hold up to 11 lbs. of weight. You can fit a medium sized diaper bag in there.

5 Point Harness

The harness system is really secure. With 5 point harness system with a center release buckle, will ensure comfortable riding for the baby. The straps are well cushioned.

Sun Protection

For a super-portable and travel-friendly stroller like this, sun protection shade is a must. Good news is they provided it, not so good news is the shade is needed to be bigger to ensure 100% protection.

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Pros And Cons


  • Lightweight and portable, being the world’s tiniest stroller and weighing only 9 pounds, this stroller is the champion in both departments. It can be stored anywhere with a little room.
  • Long Time Use, the Pockit Stroller may be tiny, but the life span is relatively longer. It's sitting arrangement and the length will make that happen. From 6 months to 4 years, you can use it for a long time.
  • Ferrari of the smooth surface, the stroller is unparalleled in the smooth surface due to its low weight.
  • Weight capacity, while the stroller can carry up to 55 pounds, the storage basket alone can hold up to 11 pounds.
  • Removable and washable seat fabric, that’s really important. You cannot prevent your kid from eating on the stroller, but what you can do is wash the seat regularly. Because without washing you cannot use the stroller for long.


  • The seat, while the seat is long enough, the canopy is narrow. That’s understandable because the main focus was keeping the stroller small. Still, they can come up with a larger canopy which may be removable in the next version.
  • Maneuverability, it’s great for smooth surfaces. Actually, it was made for mainly smooth surfaces. It can still be used on rough surfaces, but due to its light structure, be cautious about the bumps.
  • The sunshade, it’s a nice attachment. But it fails to serve its purpose sometimes because it provides minimal coverage. Anyway, external shades can be used to solve this problem.
  • No reclining seat, the seat does not recline. Although the sitting angle is great, some adjustment facility would have been great.
  • As you can see in the video, the Pockit Stroller can be folded or unfolded with one hand. The folding or unfolding is easy but requires both hands.

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In this GB Pockit Stroller Review, we tried to stay unbiased for the greater good of our readers. There is a reason why this stroller is called Pockit. A lot of mothers seems to love it because it really made their fear of jumbo size strollers go away. This stroller will get highest scores on weight, dimension, and mobility. On the other hand, it will come behind on maneuverability. It’s a must have for working or traveling moms. The stroller comes with a 2-year warranty, so the confidence of the manufacturing company is apparent. With 6 available colors, the Pockit can be an attractive gift for your child.


Q: Are the handlebars customizable?

A: No, not in the slightest degree. The handle bars are as may be when you discharge the stroller open; you need to ensure the handlebars are pulled up to the maximum so the stroller locks

Q: Can you include a stroller coordinator or glass holders to the handles?

A: No glass holders there is little stockpiling worked in.

Q: Does GB Pockit Stroller lean back?

A: No, however, it is sufficiently agreeable for a rest.

Q: Does the seat lean back?

A: No it doesn’t. It is exceptionally valuable for voyaging in light of the fact that it folds into a littler piece.

Q: Does this fit under a seat on a plane?

A: Yes, it fits

Q: Would the truck tilt back in the event that we hang a diaper pack on the Handle?

A: It relies on upon how overwhelming your diaper pack is.

Q: Does this stroller lean back? Also, to what point?

A: No, It doesn’t lean back

Q: Will item fit for a three-month-old child?

A: I don’t think it will be that useful for a 3-month-old. The stroller situate doesn’t lean back so I think it will be better for a 6-month-old when he can hold his head up better.

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Q: Does the back lean back?

A: No the back doesn’t lean back

Q: How would you shield from your youngster from wind and cool amid winter time?

A: Sunshade is little and short

Q: Can you direct it effectively with one hand?

A: Yes, you can direct the Stroller with one hand and effortlessly

Q: Are the handles extendable?

A: Yes, It looks straightforward. However, it is a truly solid stroller.

Q: Could you suggest a pack reasonable for this stroller?

A: A backpack will be exceptionally prescribed. One that fits.

Q: Are the wheels made out of elastic?

A: The wheels are made of elastic, and they appear to be solid up until this point.


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