HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Review

If you would ask me what bassinest to recommend to you right now, I would say HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper in a heartbeat. Here is a full review of this bassinest so you would understand why this is such a good choice for me and perhaps to you as well.

Presently, with the use of HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper, your little one can rest as close as you prefer, while still securely in his particular separate rest range. Lessening the dangers related to bed-sharing. Dealing with your infant just got somewhat less demanding. The Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper, with its special double swivel plan, is the type that’s convenient for infants and mothers.

Features and Benefits Of Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

  • It revolves around 360 degrees to convey your child to you or in any direction. And unlike other bassinests, Halo Swivel Sleeper basisnest 360 degrees revolution makes getting in, and out of bed bother-free
  • The hinge allows for slightly shifting from side to side so you can reach your baby when you are in bed.
  • Suggested for children up to five months of age. As soon as the child is able to get up on his/her own, this bassinest won’t be suitable anymore.
  • Powered by three AA batteries which are not included in the product
  • All electronic features such as music and vibrations have a 30-minute auto-shutoff.
  • Perfect for mothers who had C-section operation as they will have difficulty with movements in the first month or so.
  • It can be balanced to match beds 22″ to 34″ H
  • It has a measurement of 43″ L x 43″ W x 34″ H
  • Specially protected and durable.
  • It has two storage pockets for keeping baby’s clothes, diapers, and so on.
  • Accompanied by a waterproof mattress which can be cleaned with a moist fabric.
  • It is speedy and simple to set up.
  • It has 3 soothing sounds and 3 lullabies.
  • The HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper is very hefty, which makes it awkward to move.
  • The batteries run out rapidly and are an agony to change.
  • No cover or protection for mosquito. You will have to improvise for yourself.


Q: Does HALO offer a waterproof sleeping cushion cover that runs with this bassinet?

A: The sleeping cushion itself is waterproof, so a waterproof cushion is not required.

Q: Could the bedding be propped up to one side to help babies with acid reflux?

A: Yes. I keep a hand towel underneath one end, so my little one won’t move too close to me. I simply have it slant slightly to my level.

Q: My bed is a bit high, will this item still work if I put the bassinet to its highest point to level with my position?

A: I have a genuinely tall sleeping cushion also. This has an extending platform so yes it ought to work fine and dandy.

Q: Is it possible to do evening diaper changes in this, or despite everything you have to get up and move the child? Does the bassinet have large enough space to do a change of diaper?

A: You would most likely have the capacity to change the diaper while taking a seat. For side stashes, you would most likely have the capacity to fit two infant diapers and wipes in the delicate bundle, not the hard tub. However, if you want a more suitable one for a diaper change, you may want the Travel Portable Bassinet Diaper Bag.

Q: Is there a repetitive sound in this one?

A: 3 bedtime songs, two nature, and one womb sound (heartbeat).

In Conclusion

With a substantial base, the HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper will never inadvertently topple over. Giving a safe rest condition to your infant. In any case, the base is still minimal, requiring just enough freedom to move. Which means the Bassinest is perfect for little spaces with great design and safe sleep surface. The customizable height implies the Bassinest fits on any bed height. And the swivel activity permits a parent to effortlessly get in and out of bed.

The hinged movement to the sides gives another security highlight while keeping a child at eye level. Other little components, for example, a capacity stash and a planned light demonstrate that Halo Bassinest Premiere goes well beyond in outlined items for children that guardians trust.

With this exceptional bassinet, your child will have the capacity to rest appropriately beside you in his or her particular separate space. It wipes out the likelihood of mother or father inadvertently moving onto their infant’s side of the bed. It will give both the parents and the child a decent night’s rest and gives the guardians a chance to keep an eye on their tyke whenever without getting up.

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