KidCo DreamPod Portable Bassinet Review

Are you worried about where you can place your child near you while cooking in the kitchen or cleaning the house? Or maybe you are attending to some issues but you still want to keep an eye on your kiddo? Then, why don’t you let me suggest a product that is tested and trusted? The KidCo DreamPod Portable Bassinet is impeccable to have for safe and versatile baby resting place in the house.

It is compact and lightweight and can be effectively moved to various areas in your home. This bassinet is lightweight and to a great degree easy to set up. Despite the fact that the bassinet is sufficiently light to effectively transport, it is also extremely solid.

It just takes a couple of minutes to set up the bed. It is truly simple to assemble and bring down which is good for busy mothers and fathers. The KidCo DreamPod Portable Bassinet includes a removable sack that is water repellent. It is a convenient bassinet that is well built. It’s protected and comfortable and gives a rest domain to your infant at home or away. You can also check other articles from our blog on Best Baby Monitors for Twins.

Features and Benefits of KidCo DreamPod Portable Bassinet

  • The Bassinet provides a comfortable rest condition to keep infant close-by at home or away.
  • It can be easily and effortlessly set up and bring down
  • The sheet that comes with the Bassinet is a water-resistant sheet but can be washed by a machine.
  • It is prescribed only for newborn babies up to 20 lbs. /9 kilos
  • Steel outline with delicately cushioned cotton twill texture
  • Incorporates nylon pass on the sack with shoulder strap for easy transportation
  • The KidCo DreamPod Portable Bassinet measures a little more than 12 lbs.
  • Base locks into place for cushion bolster.
  • The base cushion is delicate yet securely firm for newborn children.
  • Cushion accompanies a sheet made of plastic lined with holes.
  • It feels sturdy
  • Simple to setup when in a hurry and also when on the go.
  • It does not have wheels that to easily move around.


Q: What is the maximum weight that this bassinet can handle?

A: 20lbs.

Q: Are the feet removable? Will the bassinet part with its feet?

A: No, the legs should stay fixed.

Q: Is the sleeping cushion firm?

A: Yes, it resembles a thin board base with light cushioning over it.

Q: Is this alright to use for another newborn baby?

A: Yes, a newborn child can use this too.

Q: Does it accompany a sheet or do I have to purchase the sheets separately?

A: It includes one sheet.

Q: Are these only for infants? My children are four months old and measure around 65 cm

A: As long as the weight of the child does not exceed 20lbs and if the child fits in the product, then yes.

Q: Can two children fit in this? Searching for something for my twins when we first brought them home.

A: Unfortunately, one child will only fit this bassinet.

Q: How tall is this? I need it concealed when not in use.

A: It has 20 inches in height.

Q: Does it shake easily?

A: No, it is a stable, stationary bed. You can try the Badger Basket Portable Bassinet ‘N Cradle for a more number of uses.

In Conclusion

I think this KidCo DreamPod Portable Bassinet is a flat out must-have. I exceptionally recommend this bassinet. In the event that you are searching for an awesome child shower blessing, this would make any eager mother cheerful.

 You will get all the benefits of the many specialized bassinets that other bassinets provide. You will aso see that there is an assortment of shapes and sizes for said bassinets. 

It’s based on the all-steel outline and secured with a cushioned cotton twill and work texture. The sleeping pad has a hardwood base and offers loads of support. The item additionally accompanies a machine launderable, water-resistant fitted cotton sheet. This is the reason why this bassinet is one of the most feature-packed and portable bassinets on the market right now. And that sets apart from other bassinets out there. You have the water repellent yet easily washable sheet.

The KidCo DreamPod Portable Bassinet is tremendously portable and is trouble-free to convey from space to room or set up anyplace in the house, at the recreation center or shoreline. It gives you the peace of mind that your child stays protected and secure. It comes with a sleeve or packs with a conveying strap so it is anything but difficult to transport.

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