MarSue 100% Organic Cotton Ergonomic Baby Carrier Review

If you are a mother of a newborn baby but needs to keep yourself busy with all household chores, then a MarSue 100% Organic Cotton Ergonomic Baby Carrier is probably the most important thing you need. This baby carrier is not the typical carrier that you find anywhere else. Find out why as we tackle all its features.

For their much more growing popularity, many more manufacturer is getting interested in designing more and more baby carriers. But this one that I’m going to introduce to you is the MarSue 100% Organic Cotton Ergonomic Baby Carrier which comes up with an excellent design along with the best product quality in the market. Unlike most of the other products, it is made of 100% organic cotton, both inside and outside. Hence, it’s a blessing for the new parents.


Ergonomic Design

First of all, this baby carrier comes with a convenient and ergonomic design for both you and the baby. It provides pockets for phones, keys or extra small kits. Besides, there is an additional waist shoulder padding with it. A detachable backrest along with the headcover is also available with it. It offers more flexibility. I give this item 5 on 5 for its new compatible design.

100% Cotton

The material of MarSue 100% Organic Cotton Ergonomic Baby Carrier is 100% cotton. As a result, it is so soft for a baby. This isn’t made of Polyester mesh or Nylon considering the welfare of your baby in mind. Therefore, it ensures much better ventilation than any other similar category product on the market. That’s why if you care for your baby’s soft skin I will refer you to this item.

Great Head Support

Head support is one of the most important things. A baby has not enough strength to hold his head in the right place. It is not possible to keep your attention on him all the time. Therefore, an accident could happen. For avoiding this, there is soft and perfect head support available for this product. As a result, you can securely adjust your baby’s head with it and make yourself relax.

Reliable Buckle Strap

Marsue Organic Cotton baby carrier never compromises with your child’s safety. Exceptionally it provides fast buckle straps for security purpose. The material is absorbent, breathable, smooth and soft and therefore this is friendly for your baby’s skin. The safety straps are inbuilt and are highly reflective. So, it provides more safety for the baby and removes your anxiety while you’re in a hangout with friends or relatives. These are straps for safety.

Comfortable Material and Removable Hood

The extremely comfortable fabric is comfortable for your shoulder and back for babywearing. This feature has made it unique from other products. Moreover, the hood it provides is helpful for a sunny day. Besides you can remove this hood too so that while you wish you needn’t carry extra weight.

Offers Better Movement

It allows the body of the carrier to remove so that you can use the hip sit independently for older children who hold onto you by themselves.

Forward and Backward Position Available

Unlike most other products you can wear this forward as well as backward style too. Since the height of the arms is adjustable, it is perfect for switching between the forward carry and back.

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  • Reflective strips on sides and front for an excellent carrying.
  • It acts as a security vest for both the mother and the infant while walking on and about.
  • For phone and keys, it provides some pockets.
  • It is excellent for attaching a pacifier clip for baby.
  • The foam seat allows is removable for washing.
  • The texture is made of a breathable material to keep the child cool and peaceful.
  • This item provides a hood for the sunny day.
  • Can be used front-facing and backward style.
  • Padding all over makes this baby carrier warmer than usual. And sometimes the hood is bulky to carry.
  • The velcro on the waist strap is narrower than others.
  • Although the design is good, it makes this carrier difficult to put on alone.


Q: Can your baby face forward in this carrier?

A: Yes, and it is super comfortable for them. My little niece loves this and she is 4 to 5 months old.

Q: Can you carry the infant on your back with this transporter?

A: Yes, you completely can.

Q: Does the MarSue 100% Organic Cotton Ergonomic Baby Carrier has pockets for storing and keeping some things like keys, wallets, baby’s toys etc?

A: MarSue Baby Carrier has pockets for keeping both mom’s things and her baby’s things.

Q: What is this product made of?

A: The overall material of this product is cotton.

Q: What are the infant’s stature and weight limits for Marsue Ergonomic Baby Carrier?

A: There is no restriction on child’s stature. Be that as it may, as far as possible is 40 lbs.

Q: This carrier looks a little more heavy duty than others I’ve been looking at. Does it hurt your back and shoulders after being used for a while?

A: I don’t think so. Because my own nephew is 20 lbs now and I actually felt better and comfortable after wearing this and trying to balance him on one of my hips. His weight was more evenly distributed. And it also hurt my arms less.

In Conclusion

After going through all the lines, I hope this Marsue baby carrier has become the most favorite one to you for carrying your child. This not your usual traditional baby carrier and maybe not the best multi purpose baby carrier but If you’re in the market for a versatile, user-friendly and durable baby carrier that makes baby carrying more comfortable, then this gorgeous organic cotton baby carrier can take your experience to a higher level. It is one of the excellent baby carriers out there that enhances natural carrying position with easy day returns shipping.

Besides, if the quality is your top concern then look no further just go for it because it has been the most popular product since it arrived on the market. I hope this article provided with all the product details you need to know. When you some items are not available in specific countries due to shipping problems.

Payment details can be accessed will purchasing it online. Make sure the packaging is in the original packaging ofnthe product and the item model number is correct inorder to prevent return shipping. You can also shipping report if you get a broken product and get quick returns. If you have any queries and suggestions, do leave a comment below. 

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